Diff.-Kurs Sports and English

Why not brush up your English while having fun at sports? Are you interested in PE and do you like to speak English? Here is a chance to do both. And this is the program for year 9.

All about mastering the ball

  • aiming for the basket
  • from flag football to American football

These two different ball games played in the American NBA and NFL are about running, throwing and catching the ball.

All about being fit

  • testing fitness
  • working out with ropes

We look at different aspects of fitness. You carry out a fitness test and learn about your strong and weak points. You try to improve your fitness in a personal training schedule.

All about keeping balance

  • skating on ice / surfing on boards
  • using your body to balance

Depending on the time of the year and/or the available material we go ice skating or do wave boarding. In the gym we learn more about balancing on the beam or on each other when doing acrobatics.

All about sports in films

  • playing stereotypical sports
  • talking about sports in films

We watch and discuss about films that deal with gender and sports. We will find out about typical boys‘ and girls‘ sports and try them out.


Julia Hilker - Englisch, Sport

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